About Us

About Tarseam Inc


The Tarseam department is currently made up of a select multidisciplinary team of designer, mathematician, developer and engineers, each of whom is highly qualified in the various technological areas the company deals in. Our aim, one might say, is to invent the future, putting forward product and integrated solution proposals to enable our clients to achieve optimum competition status in this globalize marketplace, our main resource being the creative exploitation of the opportunities advances in global technologies are likely to bring about.


Creating the future: knowledge applied to inventing new solutions and activities. Although technological innovation comes naturally to us, at Tarseam, we prefer not to see technology as a cult but, rather, as an instrument aimed at humanizing the world around us or as a means whereby to improve such assets as personal independence, standard of living, and social and cultural relationships.

On the threshold of the 21st century and as part of a global marketplace, Tarseam favors cooperation as the indispensable language in attaining managerial success. Trust, understanding and mutual effort are essential for a successful managerial partnership. Projects such as "ON-LINE SERVICE" and "HELP DESK" are born from such principles, as are other technological tools aimed at streamlining and improving strategic response in dealing with problems.

At Tarseam, we understand our strength comes from a synergy between clients, suppliers, distributors, R&D facilities and others. Thus, our company policy seeks to establish long term relationships with our partners, involving major clients in the development of new products and services, serving to provide mutual reinforcement via the exchange of knowledge and experience with those who open up inroads and harness new business opportunities. The FUTURE, we invent together