Software Engineer - .Net

Location: India - Pune, Job Code: 377, No of openings: 6


The Software Engineer will be a forward thinking member of Zeon’s software team.  This role is responsible for the development and delivery of software solutions from concept to completion. In addition, this role is expected to promote best practices, predict and mitigate risks and work collaboratively with Zeon’s team, including: Delivery Manager/Project Leader, Developers & Testing Engineer.


The position will collaborate with Delivery Manager/Project Leader & On-site Project Manager to understand goals and objectives. This position will provide training to team members to reach new levels of success while promoting a positive company culture. The position reports to the Delivery Manager of Sitecore/Insitesoft Group.


Key Responsibilities


·        Assist in the design and development of Software Solutions using .Net framework.

·        Assist in the support and growth of development platform(s).

·        Support business development activities. Must understand the Zeon quality process and apply the same while executing tasks.

·        Effectively communicate and present all the output to project team.

·        Interact with clients to identify their needs and define project’s objectives.

·        Research standard extensions/solutions for common business applications.

·        Perform usability testing and assessment for projects, as well as ad hoc usability evaluations of varying levels of complexity.

·        Ensuring customer satisfaction as high-priority, participating in client calls for status updates and updating the same to the junior team members for rapid delivery.